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Success Story

A groundbreaking improvement for GroundWorks™

GroundWorks™ combines state-of-the-art, mobile property inspection technology, crowdsourcing of local inspectors nationwide, and 25+ years of expertise to deliver faster, lower cost, more accurate interior and exterior property inspections. GroundWorks is part of an industry-leading suite of
real estate appraisal, title and compliance technology, and services provided through Accurate Group, LLC.

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magicplan Update March 2019

Montréal / Munich, 14.03.2019 – We have just released a magicplan update, for iOS and Android. We focused on improving the “Capture rooms with your camera” interface as well as the Wall Editor and added the annotation option for land surveys.

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Success Story

Streamlining the process of renovation projects with magicplan

B&O is one of the biggest renovation and maintenance companies in Germany. With more than 2000 craftsmen, B&O maintains over 600 000 apartments and finishes over 40.000 renovation projects per year. The company is located at over 30 locations in Germany. B&O is on a mission to maintain and create affordable housing.

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magicplan is attending London Build 2018

From 22 October to 24 October, magicplan is attending London Build 2018. Find out why magicplan is the digital toolbox a business can build on.
By utilizing Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, magicplan lets users create floor plans without actively measuring or drawing. Furthermore, the app enables site surveying, data-based material and cost estimation as well as accurate quote creation on site.

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Success Story

A key to renting turnkey living solutions for Blueground

Blueground is a hospitality-tech company that is transforming the mid to long-term housing experience. Blueground provides beautifully designed rentals with high-end furnishings for business professionals and individual renters looking for a turnkey living solution. Blueground leases carefully-selected, high-quality properties in the most sought-after areas of New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Dubai, Athens, and Istanbul. Blueground is on a mission to build the world’s first network of perfectly situated, ideally appointed, and beautifully decorated apartments across the world.

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PART 3/3: magicplan-AI, a journey into the wonderful world of Deep Learning

In part 2, we showed how you could reach a good level detection accuracy on a Deep Learning model running on powerful GPU, when you have the right expertise on Deep Learning training.
Unfortunately, this is not enough when you want to implement the feature on a smartphone and have to deal with really limited hardware resources both in terms of memory and computing power.

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PART 2/3: magicplan-AI, a journey into the wonderful world of Deep Learning

In part 1, we saw how today’s Deep Learning tools and data ecosystems make it easy to have an early prototype to assess the feasibility of a common Deep Learning task.
That said, it is one thing to have a workable prototype showing the potential of the approach, it is another thing to reach a reliable enough level of detection to allow the feature to be put in the hands of millions of users.

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