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AI Corner & Edge Detection

magicplan has been spearheading innovative technologies on mobile applications since 2011. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality offer enormous potential for time and cost-saving if implemented correctly.
With magicplan version 8.0, we successfully integrated the automatic detection, sizing, and placing of windows & doors. We are now working on including the second AI-based feature: Corner and Edge Detection.

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Success Story

Mount Sinai

magicplan allows Mount Sinai‘s rehabilitation professionals to confirm if a needed wheelchair costing thousands of dollars will fit before it is ordered.

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Best Bluetooth Lasers

A Bluetooth laser distance meter is an indispensable tool for precise measurements on-site. It allows you to measure any distance in an instant. By connecting a Bluetooth laser distance meter to magicplan, all measurements are automatically transferred to your digital floor plan.

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magicplan 8

magicplan 8 is our biggest update yet! The mapping of three-dimensional spaces is placed into the hands of every iOS user worldwide. Scan rooms in 3D to have your home in your pocket. Plan and realize your next project with magicplan 8.

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magicplan Update April 2019

We have just released a major iOS update: magicplan 8 (iOS only). magicplan 8 lets you scan rooms in 3D and automatically recognizes, locates, and sizes windows and doors.
Furthermore, for iOS and Android, we have redesigned and improved the floor plan editor. And last but not least, we have integrated a new Help Center, also for iOS and Android.

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