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iOS 9.0 and above; Android available for devices with a gyroscope and devices running ARCore. More than 16 million downloads worldwide.

Your tool for Construction Floor Plans, Drawing, & Home Renovation

Convince customers, build trust through transparency and save time and money: magicplan is the perfect tool for any construction company. Create quotes on site and wow your customer.

“magicplan makes our working days so much better!”

B&O is one of biggest renovation and maintenance companies in Germany. With more than 2000 employees they maintain over 600 000 apartments in Germany. And they use magicplan as a multi-tool to make their and their customers lifes easier, as a manager of B&O explains. “Previously, customers had to get quotations from different specialist tradesmen. Comparing them, placing orders and settling invoices with each of them was a time-consuming process. With magicplan B&O shortens the entire process chain enormously. We immediately prepare a binding quotation on site.” But magicplan also optimizes the company´s internal process, as he says. “Our workers create the plan and order the needed materials with one click within the app.” magicplan saves time, convinces customers and optimizes B&O‘s work chain.

magicplan has been downloaded more than 16 million times.
magicplan was ranked #1 in Utilities in 114 countries.
Best of App Store 2012 and 2017.

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download on the app store
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iOS 9.0 and above

Android available for devices with gyroscope and devices running ARCore