2,000,000 downloads, Floor Plans Sharing, & Partnership with Floorplanne

2,000,000 downloads, Floor Plans Sharing, & Partnership with Floorplanne

Montreal, Canada

Sensopia Inc. announces today that MagicPlan just reached the 2 million downloads mark. MagicPlan 2.0 was awarded “App of the week” in 92 countries including Canada, Australia, China, Brazil and Spain to name a few.

Today is also the release of MagicPlan 2.1, featuring a new Facebook and Twitter integration to share floor plans through a simple click.

Finally the unique partnership with Floorplanner, the worldwide leader of 2D/3D floor plan web editing, will change the way people create and use floor plans.

With the release of MagicPlan 2.0 capturing floor plans has never been easier. The Floorplanner integration now provides a complete solution from floor plan creation to web editing and all the way to 3D visualization.

On one side, each MagicPlan user can have a personal account where he manages his floor plans. Now, thanks to Floorplanner, he can seamlessly modify his plans, create great presentations or embed his floor plans into a web site.

On the other side, each Floorplanner user now has the option to create his floor plans with MagicPlan and send them to Floorplanner directly from within MagicPlan. No need to measure or draw; in a few minutes, the floor plan is created and is available within Floorplanner for further editing.

“MagicPlan captures the shape, measures and assembles rooms using popular devices such as Smartphones or tablets. However a lot of our customers needed to go a step further. Modifying and creating great visualization of a plan came on top of our customers’ requirements. Our partnership with Floorplanner is the best possible response” says Pierre Gaubil, CEO of Sensopia. “Now our users can benefit from years of development. They can join the millions of Floorplanner users who have elected Floorplanner as the best in class floor plan web editing tool.”

“Creating a floor plan from scratch has always been a challenge. Now instead of spending countless hours measuring and drawing, our customers can produce their floor plans just by taking pictures. Then with a simple click, they send their MagicPlan floor plan to Floorplanner. Once in Floorplanner everything becomes possible, removing walls, adding furniture, creating great images or embedding floor plans in a web site.” says Jeroen Bekkers CEO of Floorplanner. “MagicPlan is a real enabler that removes all the burdens associated with capturing a floor plan.”

MagicPlan and Floorplanner offer a first floor plan for free to their users. After that, subscriptions are available.